"Muay Thai always seemed like a cool style but it also seemed out of reach for someone of my size. When I met Rocky, it was an inspirational moment. She's a petite female who literally kicks ass. "

- Allina L.


"I started training just for fun, soon after it became an addiction, then a lifestyle. Because my initial intentions were not to get in the ring, I can easily relate to others who just want to use training as an outlet for relieving stress, achieving a fitness goal, or learning a new skill. My clear and precise form-focused instructions can translate to participants who are beginners, intermediate, or advanced. I believe my coaching is always fresh, challenging, practical, and continuously growing. I am always learning, so that my clients never stop learning. I am confident that my experience and skill-set combined with your goals will be a recipe for our success."


  • 2016 WKA World K1 Gold Medalist (Team USA)

  • 2X USMTA Full Rules Muay Thai Champion

  • 2016 WKA National Muay Thai Champion

  • 2016 WKA National Full Rules Muay Thai Champion

  • 2015 Friday Night Fights Muay Thai Champion

  • First Dan in Shotokan Karate  (SKIF)

  • Fight Medicine Certification



Andy P.

Compliance Officer

I trained with Raquel (Rocky) from August 2016 up until December of the same year, and holy hell did she open my eyes up to the world of Muay Thai kickboxing! Before training under her, I had spent about a year doing kickboxing for fitness and practicing Krav Maga. With Rocky's help, my speed and technique saw dramatic improvement! 

Rocky is patient, incredibly observant, and intelligent in her approach. She has a knack for quickly figuring out what needs work and drilling out bad habits, all of which I had developed training elsewhere. She encouraged me every step of the way to do more simply because she knew I could. 

I can't wait for the next time I can have another session with her!

I've also trained with Justin on a number of occasions. His energy and positivity is a boon, and he's quick to enthusiastically provide constructive feedback on what's working and what needs improvement.

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