"Every session is different, challenging, yet exciting. With him being a National Champion, that gets me motivated to keep up and even try to train as hard as he does."

- Jeff B.


"Ever since I was eleven years old, I have grown a passion for health and fitness. It started with always wanting to be the best, whether I was boxing, jump-roping, or playing thumb war with my brothers. When I began teaching, I wanted my clients to develop that same passion and strive to become the best version of themselves. My approach produces an exciting and intense workout that is goal oriented, practical, and geared towards learning. My clients goals are my goals."



Martin C.

Chief Financial Officer 

"I’ve been training with Justin for a year, consistently and hard, 4-5 times per week.  In addition, Justin created an 18-day, three-hour-a-day Muay Thai summer camp for me.  Before meeting Justin, I had a good level of fitness from weight training and boot camp, basic skills in classic boxing, and zero experience in the martial arts. 


Justin met me at my level, carefully building my confidence and skill, all the while challenging me to achieve greater levels of technical precision and force.  Somewhere along the way, I began to notice tone and muscle definition beyond my wildest dreams.  The journey, the results, and my devotion to the art – all of that I credit to Justin’s technical mastery, affable nature, and tenacity as a coach and teacher.”

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Photographers: Anthony Geathers, Daniel Hamaj, Jeff Buenaventura, and You Bin.