Oct 4, 2017

Day Three


After Breakfast, I went to NJ to hang out with my Mother and spent the ENTIRE day with her. I barely had time to fit in any workout, but here is my log:


Starting weight: 124 pounds


Breakfast #1

Greek yogurt with granola and frozen pineapple chunks


Breakfast #2

1/2 bowl of cereal with almond milk


-Spent the day driving and running errands for my Mother.



1 haitian pattie (Mom brought a dozen for me to take home and I just...just...just...failed)



Kale stir fry mixed with roasted peppers, onions, spinach, broccoli, quinoa, jalapeno, and turkey neck.





I cleansed myself with bottles of water & tea. My boyfriend and roommates also killed me for bringing home patties while they toasted and devoured it.



New Posts
  • It sounds counterinutitive when you are competing in a fitness contest, but it's true. There are many obstacles that we have to conquer throughout our journey, but you have to keep your eyes on the prize in order to become successful. Throughout the first half of the 30 Day Fitness Contest, every decision I made was influenced by the idea to graduate into a stronger and healthier version of myself. During the second half of the contest, I was met with obstacles that forced me to modify my plans. An injury took me out of my game. I took time away from the gym to recover, but continued eating clean. My diet included a half-bowl of cereal each morning. Great Grains cereal is packed with a healthy source of fiber. Without fiber, I do not experience regular bowel movements. My body became intolerant to the cereal and I had to switch to another source of fiber. Later, my second source was rejected and I had an intestinal obstruction. My stomach swelled up and I had pain and no bowel movement for two days. I experienced a total of three obstructions this month, which is a new record for me. Throughout the years, I would only experience one every two months. I had to make the decision to pull out of the contest. Because of my health issues and injury there was no way I could show my progress in 'after' photos. I was depressed for a short time. I wanted to lead by example and continue motivating each contestant. Then I remembered that 'ftness is not a race, it's a journey' and that this obstacle is apart of my journey. I believe everything happens for a reason and that all of this happened at the right time. If I don't receive proper medical treatment then my condition can worsen or it would happen during a more inconvenient time. This contest helped me expand my goals and find motivation again. For the first time, my gym routine wasn't about punching faces. It was about becoming stronger. I left my comfort zone and tried out a variety of gyms that challenged me athlethically. Before that, I never stepped foot outside of Evolution Muay Thai, unless I was on a vacation or working. Apart of me is bummed that I did not lose 10 pounds yet, but the other part of me knows that it will still happen. I found motivation again!
  • 15. Yesterday after teaching my final 2 classes at Switch Playground (smh, Justin, LOL), I cranked out a solid super-set lifting day after a VERY stressful week. Our roommate found bedbugs in his room, which never spread from there, but nonetheless we ALL had to follow protocol to prepare for the exterminator, which meant packing up our entire apartment into plastic bags as if we're moving out. So yeah, I definitely needed to blow off some steam last night, and this workout helped: 7:30 mins elliptical warmup 3x Squats One-arm Cable chest scoops 3x Leg press Calf-raises on leg press machine One-arm bench row 3x Quad extensions Hamstring curls Dumbbell chest flies 3x Assisted pullups Alternating Jumping Lunges *** 16. Today at 3pm I'm taking a class at Flybarre near Lincoln Center. It's a free class (lead by my friend who's an instructor-in-training) if anyone wants to join!!
  • 1 hour no-gi, 1 hour pads. I'm really not very good at jiu-jitsu. I am simultaneously too impatient to wait for someone to butt-scoot up to me (and thus fall into plenty of sweeps, submissions, or guard pulls) but I'm also too comfortable with getting put on my back. I've taken several months off here and there, and I feel like I've forgotten how to play guard, how to pass, etc. It's frustrating, but at least (thanks to this fitness challenge) I've noticed that I no longer feel like absolute death at the end of five 5-minute rounds of rolling. Cardio isn't a problem, I just need to be more regular about writing down what I learn from class and trying to remember and apply it, as opposed to just letting my mind go blank when rolling.