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Oct 30, 2017

No-gi and clinch. And a salad. I am going to MURDER a cheat meal when this is all done.
Oct 30, 2017

15. Yesterday after teaching my final 2 classes at Switch Playground (smh, Justin, LOL), I cranked out a solid super-set lifting day after a VERY stressful week. Our roommate found bedbugs in his roo
Oct 26, 2017

12. Yesterday afternoon, I went to an great, inspiring class at Box + Flow! 13. Then that evening I took a spin class at Workout Factory in LIC. Since it’s literakly 3 blocks away from me, it’s about
Oct 24, 2017

10. During my photoshoot on Sunday, I basically worked out for 4 hrs in several mediums: dumbbells and resistance bands (curls, triceps, shoulders), I did several Yoga flows, planks, pushups, shadow b
Oct 20, 2017

Workout 16 (officially). First time sparring since last November or December, and it was the "Advanced Sparring" class at Evolution. I wasn't nervous (and I usually am before sparring), there wasn't
Oct 19, 2017

I was exhausted today and said I would only do a bit of lifting, but once I got to the gym, I ended up spending almost 2 hrs there! Woohoo! Shoulder & Abs day: 7min eliptical warmup 4x Seated shoulde
Oct 17, 2017

Day 10: food planning and shopping Day 11: cooking 12: meej jog 8.5 miles 13: meej spin class and bench press/arms workout 14: akos bike ride workout x2; meej walk 4 miles 15: rest day, food shopping
Oct 16, 2017

A sore body today, is a a strong body tomorrow. Last week, was my hardest week. I was able to get back into a rhythm with training. I did all sorts of training from Tone House, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA Spa
Oct 15, 2017

Finally Back at the gym for weightlifting!! Yayyy!! did an epic supersetting arm day with my boo: 7 min treadmill warmup (ending w/ 1min 10mph sprint) 3x 3-part dumbbell bi curls (upper, lower, full r
Oct 10, 2017

day 1: food shopping for healthy eats! day 2: workout 1 plyometrics in the park (photo below during a giggle break) day 3: rest day 4: meej gym and jog (6 miles) and akos bike riding to and from work
Oct 30, 2017

It sounds counterinutitive when you are competing in a fitness contest, but it's true. There are many obstacles that we have to conquer throughout our journey, but you have to keep your eyes on the pr
Oct 27, 2017

1 hour no-gi, 1 hour pads. I'm really not very good at jiu-jitsu. I am simultaneously too impatient to wait for someone to butt-scoot up to me (and thus fall into plenty of sweeps, submissions, or g
Oct 26, 2017

1 hour pads, 1 hour speed drills class. Honestly, a day that didn't include any sparring or grappling feels like a rest day. I needed it. I was pretty beat up. I really like speed drills; it's sort o
Oct 22, 2017

7. Thursday Rocky and Justin gave me a kickass workout at Reebok! 8. Friday I literally didn’t have a non-sore muscle in my body, so I did a 60-min cardio session on an Arc Trainer. 9. Saturday I took
Oct 19, 2017

So far: 6 Instagram posts, 2 on here (where I can expand a little more). And I never post on Instagram! It had actually a year since my last post before this contest. I plan to keep posting every day
Oct 18, 2017

Taught a class at Switch Playground and then did my own workout at my gym: Chest/Back day: 7 min treadmill warmup 4x Dumbbell Bench Press Bent-over one-arm Dumbell Row 3x Suitcases (lying on bench che
Oct 17, 2017

It's crazy how much this challenge has made me think about all the different aspects of fitness. I've been drinking less, sleeping more, and trying to find workouts wherever I can. I went on 12 mile,
Oct 16, 2017

My boyfriend and I signed up for a Class Pass membership yesterday. Class Pass is an app that gives you access to gyms in your area. The first gym on our list was Tone House. We went in for the 3:30 i
Oct 14, 2017

I promise you I haven’t been lazy for over a week, today was literally my first day off from singing and I was so excited to finally get to the gym!! I was able to squeeze in some much-needed cardio (
Oct 9, 2017

Justin has held pads for me before, but today was the first day officially as part of this fitness challenge. Sometimes you can just tell people have been training a long time by the fluency of their