Sep 6, 2017

It Doesn't Matter How You Start. It Matters How You Finish.

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Edited: Sep 6, 2017

Hi friends and family! My name is Raquel Harris and I am the co-creator of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Our goal was to create a fun and healthy competition that would motivate people to reach their fitness goals whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or increased athletic performance.

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of inquiries and registrants we have received so far. After spending the past two weeks consulting people, I have become truly inspired by their stories. Since then, I have officially decided to join the contest myself. DON'T WORRY. As the co-creator, I am not eligible for prizes.

But, you are already fit!

Half-true. I have been a "fatlete" for as long as I could remember. I jog 18 miles per-week and I am an Amateur Fighter with 6 Championship Titles, including a World Gold Medal. However, I struggle with stubborn belly fat. Working out is not a problem for me. Portion control is my problem. Therefore, my ultimate goal for the contest is to control my portions and lose 10 pounds of body fat. Being a petite woman with muscles makes it even tougher to lose weight, but I did it before...

I normally walk around at 120 pounds and compete at 105 pounds. Meaning, I lose approximately 15 pounds each fight camp doing a dangerous weight-cut process called a "water-load". During each water-load I felt the most athletic at 110 pounds. At 110 pounds I felt confident, leaner, faster, and explosive. However, after already losing 10 pounds and feeling amazing - I would have to torture myself to lose another 5.

Losing 10 pounds for good would mean that I will no longer be a "fatlete" and I won't have to do a water-load anymore leading up to my fights. Losing 10 pounds means that I would no longer have to "get in-shape" because I will always be "in-shape". Nike called me once and gave me a one day notice. Losing 10 pounds would mean that I will be more confident fully clothed AND naked.

At the moment, I do not have any fights coming up and I am not eligible for prizes, but I have motivation all around me because of you guys. Additionally, My boyfriend promised me a 7 day-trip once I reach my fitness goals. I can't wait to do this contest with you guys and to share my journey and transformation. I am beyond excited to lose weight naturally in a fun and healthy way.







Wow, Raquel!!! Thank you for this... I think my story is pretty similar to yours, I am "fit" but I struggle with portions. I am super excited about this because I want to see what I would look like once I reach my goal. I am motivated and I cant wait to see everyone's transformation.

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  • So haven't been on here in a min..figured I'd give everybody a quick update. Day 5..i messed my knee up and got this fancy fashion accessory. Had to wear it for two week to see if i got better..basically killing my cardio & fat burning workouts. It didn't so I have an MRI appointment tonight. Hopefully it doesn't need surgery..that would suck.
  • Feelin extra good after spending the past 5 days eating good healthy meals, healthy SNACKS, and working out together. we also had to be creative w no gym access this week so did home and park workouts instead. this is post home workout where we did sets of burpees, sit-ups and pushups 10x10x10, 9x9x9 etc down to 1x1x1.
  • Congratulations to everyone who made it to week three. Your consistency is becoming your habit. I hope you noticed positive changes within your body. I lost 4 pounds already and I feel more energetic, motivated, and happier to make better decisions. Comment with a change that you feel most proud about!