Oct 26, 2017

Fitness & Food champs!


Feelin extra good after spending the past 5 days eating good healthy meals, healthy SNACKS, and working out together. we also had to be creative w no gym access this week so did home and park workouts instead. this is post home workout where we did sets of burpees, sit-ups and pushups 10x10x10, 9x9x9 etc down to 1x1x1.


New Posts
  • So haven't been on here in a min..figured I'd give everybody a quick update. Day 5..i messed my knee up and got this fancy fashion accessory. Had to wear it for two week to see if i got better..basically killing my cardio & fat burning workouts. It didn't so I have an MRI appointment tonight. Hopefully it doesn't need surgery..that would suck.
  • Congratulations to everyone who made it to week three. Your consistency is becoming your habit. I hope you noticed positive changes within your body. I lost 4 pounds already and I feel more energetic, motivated, and happier to make better decisions. Comment with a change that you feel most proud about!
  • Hey guys! Happy to be competing with you all. I wanted to share a dessert because I know dieting is hard. I came up with a ”Strawberry Cheesecake” Jello cup! It is one sugar free Jello, 2TB fat free cream cheese and topped with fat free (or light works too!) Ready Whip! Try it out! Hope everyone is having success thus far! Love, Amber