Oct 1, 2017

Day 1


I woke up this morning and ate the other half of a cookie I had left over from last night then realized today was the 1st..so I started off completely wrong. But i bounced back and did the beginners workout of this Spartans workout app on my phone. My body is in pain and I feel like I can sleep for a week but I'm glad I finished the workout. I'm on a midnight til noon fast for a couple more days but my lunch was pretty healthy. I don't eat seafood, beef or pork so I gotta figure how to do this meal plan without getting tired of the same foods.


New Posts
  • So haven't been on here in a min..figured I'd give everybody a quick update. Day 5..i messed my knee up and got this fancy fashion accessory. Had to wear it for two week to see if i got better..basically killing my cardio & fat burning workouts. It didn't so I have an MRI appointment tonight. Hopefully it doesn't need surgery..that would suck.
  • Feelin extra good after spending the past 5 days eating good healthy meals, healthy SNACKS, and working out together. we also had to be creative w no gym access this week so did home and park workouts instead. this is post home workout where we did sets of burpees, sit-ups and pushups 10x10x10, 9x9x9 etc down to 1x1x1.
  • Congratulations to everyone who made it to week three. Your consistency is becoming your habit. I hope you noticed positive changes within your body. I lost 4 pounds already and I feel more energetic, motivated, and happier to make better decisions. Comment with a change that you feel most proud about!